Renovating Furniture and Wood Cabinets in Jupiter, FL

One of the most rewarding painting projects for a painting contractor and homeowner alike is certainly painting cabinets.

Homeowners can completely renovate, update, and modernize their kitchen simply by painting their cabinetry. Although the value added to the house is reflected in the overall monetary value of the home, a kitchen renovation’s true value is having a great space for everyone to gather—a space that inspires good, happy feelings. After all, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time as family.

While the rewards for a homeowner appear to be clear, for a painter cabinets are extremely challenging and difficult. Not just any painter can take on a cabinet project and actually give the homeowner an excellent job. It takes years of experience, or should we say hundreds of kitchens, to develop the necessary expertise and know-how to deliver an outstanding finished product. These projects are what separates the fly-by-nighters from the true artisans. In fact, this is an opportunity to showcase our work.

So let’s talk about painting cabinets

1. What are my product options?

You can use either water based or oil based paint. So which one is the right one for YOU? Based on our experience, we find that drying time and paint smell are the main concerns for homeowners.

Water based products are pretty much odorless and there is minimum to no off-gassing. On the other hand, oil will continue to off-gas for a couple of weeks. Another advantage of water based paint is the drying time, which is significantly less than that of oil based paint. It is important to mention, however, that both products are truly amazing options.

2. How do you know we are the right painting contractor?

As we said above, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time when we are home; therefore choosing a painting contractor who will be able to complete the job in a timely manner is key. If you ask a painter how long the job is going to take, and he is hesitant, it is because he lacks the necessary experience. That’s probably not the right fit for you. We’re fast and meticulous… Master Painters is obviously your best choice!

About Master Painters in Jupiter, FL

We have many photos to show you of past projects. The biggest thing we emphasize to our project manager and painters is the importance of disrupting the homeowner’s life as little as humanly possible. We 100% understand the difficulties and strains any sort of renovation, whether big or small, can have on a family, especially if the family is living in the house during the renovation.

Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing is a technique applied to achieve an antique look. Although mainly used in cabinets, furniture pieces are also good candidates for glazing. It’s certainly a great way to add flare to or change the look of any kitchen (given that the cabinets are painted, not stained) for relatively less cost, effort, and time of completion.